About us

WHAX at No 10

Our story began 8 years ago with a hobby and a dream; the dream became a vision, which soon became a reality, with the birth of WHAX.

Candles and Home Fragrance is the core of our family run business which began around our kitchen table; we grew and developed into a leading contract manufacturing business to be proud of; hand pouring for many of the industry’s leading brands around the world, from here in rural Hereford.

More recently, covid presented its challenges and sadly left Hereford with a city and high street that needs support.  We at WHAX see a need to help breathe life into our amazing city streets, supporting the amazing independent brands and makers out there already; by providing Hereford shoppers with a destination and reason to park up and browse the city.

So, stage two of our vision is brave and bold, it is to open a “go to” HOME AND GIFT retail store.

WHAX AT NO 10 will be, providing shoppers with a place to purchase a modern accessory for the home or a great gift for a friend. Our retail store will showcase and genuinely support local and independent makers and brands as best we can; as well as a wealth of items that will support the BRAND’S ethos for quality and accessibility while doing the right thing. Our comprehensive online store will have so much to choose from to complete the interior of a home to be proud of or gift ideas for all budgets with the quality and reputation of a leading luxury brand. Not only will Number 10 be a place to shop, it will also be a place to learn the tricks and skills of the trade and a hub for local makers to utilise and teach their crafts.

WHAX at no 10 will be holding regular workshops for interior staging, flower arranging, candle making and more. So not only are we expanding our online portfolio, we will be expanding our personal touch and community presence in the county, to support local, so please come and support us, we are counting on you.