When it comes to ambience, a room needs to be clean, inviting and fragranced!

There are so many things that make a house a home and a room's aroma is right up there as one of those things!! 

Imagine a room that is well presented, beautifully decorated, smelling of smelly socks or damp dogs! Yes, game over!!

Here at WHAX at NO 10 we have so many wonderful fragrances for you to chose from and our products not only look beautiful, they smell amazing and have an amazing burn quality. We have candles that will burn beautifully, diffusers that will throw the most amazing scent and room sprays to give the room a quick spritz and freshen up to intensify the aroma before guests arrive or after eating. 

We also have some lovely pillow mists, wax melts and garden scented candles.

Our Sicilian lemon garden candles not only keep the pests away! but they look great too - we have presented them on lovely wooden stands to add to the visual of your outdoor dining experience. 

Take a look for yourself on WHAXATNO10.COM

Don't let the smell of your home let you down. What would your signature fragrance be?


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